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Breathless is one of my favorite systems. It's super elegant and incredibly simple to learn, but the framework also allows for SO MUCH customization and modification. I'm also a sucker for games that let me use a full polyhedral set :D

Need proof that I love Breathless? I've made three Breathless games and I fully intend on making more (and expanding on some of mine that are already done!)

Thank you so much for the kind words! 😍 So glad you like the game and the system.


Breathless is the game that got me into game creation!

It's simple, complete and has a very easy learning curve that allow a group to set up, create characters and play in the same gaming session!

If you want to bash zombies in a game where survival is as important as the apocalypse going on around you, well Breathless is the game!

Wow, thank you for this, that means a lot to me 💞

I was recommended this game via a solo rpg group. Is it actually possible to play solo, though? The description says 2+ players suggesting needing a traditional GM. No problem whichever the case, just wanted to make sure before buying it.


The game wasn't designed to play solo, but I've heard from some folks it could easily be done. That being said, I haven't played it solo myself.

Out of curiosity, which solo rpg group would that be exactly ? 

Now I'm wondering if I should release a solo version in the near future...

Thanks for the reply. It was this one where your game was mentioned.

I absolutely love the look of it but I'm not a fan of playing solo rpgs with "oracles" (e.g. Mythic) so tend to lean towards ones with built-in solo modes. I would definitely be very interested in Breathless if it had a solo mode/version.

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Hey! I've recently released a solo sci-fi exploration game based on the same engine as Breathless, and it's called Nomadic!

Check it out at


With simple mechanics that constantly ratchet up tension, Breathless is an excellent way to drop into a world where everything is out to kill you, and see if you’ve got what it takes to make it through another bloody day.

Thank you so much for that amazing game review!