v1.3 Update - Typos and Physical Version

Hey Dreamers,

I just wanted to tell you all that I've updated Hopes & Dreams to fix some typos and provide clearer text regarding some of the rules. 

On top of this, I have some exciting news...

Physical Version

Hopes & Dreams is now available in a physical format from our friends at Indie Press Revolution! The book is 80 pages long in a 5.5x8.5  PUR bound format, and it looks absolutely fantastic. 

Head over to IPR now to get your own physical copy!


Actual Play

Our friends at Game Master Monday have recorded a super fun over the top episode featuring the game. Give it a listen!


Until next time!


Hopes & Dreams (Spreads).pdf 40 MB
May 26, 2023
Hopes & Dreams (Pages).pdf 39 MB
May 26, 2023

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