Reaching 300$ and the SRD

We recently reached $300+ for the funding campaign! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged their support. It means the world to me that you believe in this game.

As promised, here is the HOPES & DREAMS System Reference Document

I extracted the rules of HOPES & DREAMS, added designer notes, included logos and license information for you to make your own game Ignited By HOPES & DREAMS.

Go read it now for free here:

One Last Thing

If you can, please go leave a comment on the game's page to help make the game reach more people. 

It will only take a minute, and will help me tremendously in my effort to promote the campaign.

Today, I'm leaving you with a beautiful BRUISER illustration portrait from @NatArtisticWeeb which will be added to the final game.

Have a great day!

-- RP @ Fari RPGs

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