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Thanks everyone for your support on Itchfunding Charge! 

It's been amazing to see all your comments on Discord, Twitter, and to see how you want to elevate the quality of this project!

I wanted to take a moment to announce that we reached a new goal on the Itchfunding campaign!
I will soon release a new Extra for Charge to handle Gear and link them to existing mechanics of the game.

This Extra will be useful if you want to play or make a game where Gear is a core part of the characters.

Charge is a 100% free, this is why your support means a lot. 
If you want to continue to help Charge, talk about this campaign to people!
A simple tweet can go a long way.

While we continue the funding campaign, here's a preview of the game cover for Life Beyond Exo Station, a Powered by Charge sci-fi RPG.

  • 25$: I will release a new Gear Extra for games where having and repairing gear is important.
  • 75$: I will release Charge Condensed, a minified version of the core rules so that they are easy to include in other games.
  • 125$: I will release Life Beyond Exo Station, a Powered by Charge sci-fi game inspired by the Metroid, Halo and Pacific Rim universes. Because you are helping finance the project, all funders get that for free!
  • The goal is to reach 150$ to help finance hiring an editor for Charge!

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