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We Did It!

This is amazing, thank you all so much!!! 🥳 🎊 🥳   

Life Beyond Exo Station: $125

All backers will receive Life Beyond Exo Station, an upcoming sci-fi ttrpg powered by Charge, for free when its released!

In this game, players control a Chosen, a volunteer whose neural system is compatible with a very advanced power suit that will allow them to get the system rid of the Strain, a parasite that has contaminated the systems for dozens of years reducing the lifespan and isolating its inhabitants.

A game where hope is everything that's left.

Financing Hiring an Editor: $150

Thanks to your support, I will hire an editor to make Charge even more awesome. 

I am super humbled, and beyond happy that you believe in this game, and this concept.

Update: Gear Extra / Charge SRD

The Gear Extra as well as an early draft of Charge SRD were released on Fari Games, so check out the links below to take a look!

What Now

I never thought we would get this far that quick, and this is all thanks to you ❤️

I'm  planning on making a Charge Jam in the coming weeks once the game and the SRD are edited, so stay tuned for that to make your own Powered by Charge games!

While we wait for this, you can:

Again, thank you so much, and talk to you all soon!

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