Funded: Charge Condensed

OK, this is amazing. Two funding goals reached in the same day!

I'm so happy to see the Charge RPG Itchfunding effort crossing the 90$ mark!

That means that I'm going to work on Charge Condensed, a minified version of the rules for all of you to include in your powered by Charge games.

I've already started working on it, as well as the Gear Extra, and both of them should be released soon.

Until then, the next goal is a powered by Charge game called: Life Beyond Exo Station

In this game, players take the role of a Chosen, someone who's genetic baggage allows them to wear an armour which they can use to get their planetary system rid of The Strain, a parasite which contaminated the systems and isolated them from the rest of the galaxy for a long time.

All people who have supported Charge on itch will receive this game for free!

Curious ? Here's a sneak peek at the pitch for the game!

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