Clarifications on Using Resources

Amazing members of the Fari Community Discord brought up that it wasn't clear from the game text if using a resource would clear an entire resource track OR clear a single box from a track.

My original intention was that one resource clears a single box of any track of your choice.

To reflect this, I've updated the text from:

`You can consume those resources to clear your resource tracks`


`At anytime, you can consume as many resources as you want to clear the same amount of boxes on any resource track.`

Hope, this clarifies things!

Good luck on your journey, Nomads 🪐


Nomadic (Spreads).pdf 4 MB
Jul 11, 2022
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Jul 11, 2022
Nomadic Print Friendly (Spreads).pdf 546 kB
Jul 11, 2022
Nomadic (Pages).pdf 4 MB
Jul 11, 2022

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Played my first session last Sunday. Enjoyed it. I assumed it was use one resource to get rid of one tick...but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification.

Of course! And yeah, you weren't the only one, so I wanted to make sure things were as clear as possible!