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The Game

Nomadic is a tragic solo tabletop role-playing game focused on exploration and survival. Inspired by No Man’s Sky and the eponymous song by Ben Prunty, this game is simultaneously harsh, hopeless, and beautiful. Based on the Breathless system, you navigate the harshness of space, study dangerous worlds, gather resources, and move on to the next planet, all in the hope of finding a new home for humankind. The catch is that you never actually find it.

Throughout the game, you use oracles when things are uncertain, perform dangerous actions, and strive to take care of your mind, equipment, and spaceship.

CreatorRené-Pier Deshaies of Fari RPGs

IllustratorGalen Pejeau of Nightjar Games

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This game includes

  • A beautifully laid out PDF which includes the lore, the mechanics, the tables and the character sheet.
  • A survival-based system where every action brings you ever close to dramatic complications.
  • A gameplay loop that will let you explore and document dozens of worlds.
  • Numerous rolling tables to generate over 50,000 types of planets.
  • Versatile oracles to guide your journey.
  • and more...

Alone, Together

While Nomadic is a solo game, it doesn't mean you have to play by yourself. The game revolves around beaming recordings and messages to other Nomads, so find yourself a pen pal and explore the universe, together.


While playing Nomadic, be sure to check out the official game's playlist on spotify!

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More Details

  • Format: 8 panels PDF (17"×11”)
  • Number of players: 1
  • Publisher: Fari RPGs
  • Patreon key: link

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorFari RPGs (René-Pier Deshaies)


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looks very cool! Two small typo notes: one of the Flora Detector tables is labeled “Weather” and the Mind table is labeled with a d6, should be d8


Thank you for the kind words ❤️ I also went ahead and fixed the typos. The updated PDF has been uploaded to itch. Thanks for notifying me about those, really appreciate it.

Deleted post

Hey, shoot me a message at https://farirpgs.com/#contact and I’ll send you a game key!

Deleted post

this is an amazing game. strong themes and great gameplay.

Loved this game. Check out my review of Breathless here


Are we supposed to roll Complication on a failed Check? It doesn't state that under Check, but there's a reference to it on Resource Tracks (page 3).

Right, so when a check results in a 1-4, there's a complication. There is also a complication when you refocus.

That being said, you don't need to roll for complication, necessarily. The complication rolling tables are suggestions. What's important is that you tick a resource track and that you explain in the fiction what was the cost of your action.

Hope that clears things up!

It does, thanks!

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This is so good.

Thank you so much 🥰 !!


this seems like a really novel and creative use of the Breathless system, and the whole presentation is really impressive. I’m excited to try it out!

Oh my, thank you so much! I really hope your journey across the star is as beautiful as your comments on this game ^^ !

I’m so excited to give this a look. I love solo, I love space, and I love your work!

I'm super glad to hear that, enjoy the game, and please tell me how it goes!!!


It's not surprising that the guy who wrote Breathless was able to turn the concept into a perfectly executed solo game, but I'm still absolutely blown away not only by how good the mechanics are, but by how beautiful this book is. RP has a gift for graphic design, which syncs up well with his gift for game design!

Definitely gonna give this game a play through soon!

Oh, and five stars, duh.

This comment totally made my day. 

Thank you so much, I don't know what else to say 💞


Hi!! I love universe world and This system looks so fun!  I want to play this with my friend! Could I translate to Japanese on Youtube live? 

Love your work!

Hi! I'm so happy you like the game 💞 

Could you reach out to me here to talk more about your translation initiative? I'm very curious!

This was so much fun! The breathless system is unique to itself and shows a lot of strengths and versatility. I loved exploring a planet all of my own the my feathered Amphibian friend on Almora IV. This would be a fun letter game with each friend exploring their own planet and sending the logs to each other as "Transmissions". 

I was able to catch the end of your stream, and it was a blast! Also, I agree, this as a letter game would be so cool. There would not be a lot to change considering you always beam your logs at the end of each journey on a planet... 

Ok, now I want to play it like this!


Been meaning to try the Breathless system. This concept interests me of late so I thought why not! Space seems to be big this year. Once I get done trying "Welcome aboard Captain!", I'll be able to dive into this one.

I'd love to hear your thoughts when you play the game! And, thank you so much for your interest in this game!

I enjoyed it. I like the game cycles and how it flows. I also see that entropy always wins in the end...which is okay because that's the point. The only thing missing is sentient creatures to run into. I have thought about expanding the creature chart myself, to include other alien travelers. Not being able to communicate with them fully would still lend to the lonely nature of the game. Besides most likely they would be enemies. Great Game...look forward to my next session.