Fari RPGs (René-Pier Deshaies)

Solo-friendly sci-fantasy RPG of demon hunting and community building in a dwarven asteroid mine.
Solo-friendly dark-fantasy RPG of journeying and dungeon delving
A Solo Tabletop Role-Playing Game of Exploration and Survival
A Solo Metroidvania Condensed RPG
Create your own content based on Firelights
A Survival Horror Role-Playing Game of Tension and Release
Breathless Sci-Fi Tabletop Role-Playing Game in the Used Future
Grunge Industrial Fantasy TTRPG
Make your own game ignited by Hopes & Dreams.
Fun-filled and Accessible Drink Coaster Micro RPG
A print friendly & condensed version of Charge.
An SRD to make action packed RPGs with forward momentum.
The Free, Open and Generic Role-Playing Game to Power Your Storytelling

Our Other Games

Guided by Firelights

Breathless Games

Powered by Charge

Compatible with Breathless

Compatible with Charge

Ignited by Hopes & Dreams

Compatible with Stoneburner

Compatible with Tales of the Burned Stones